Fast Facts

Sudbury School of Jacksonville is a Sudbury model school in the planning stages. Our structure is based on the philosophy that young people are naturally engaged in the job of becoming capable adults. Our school is uniquely designed for learning how to become a strong, independent, articulate, responsible adult ready to thrive in today’s changing world.

While the school is not yet open, these fast facts are typical of a Sudbury school and likely to apply.

  • Ages Served: Students ages 5 to 18 can attend, but students have to be 15 or younger to be admitted as a first time student.
  • School Year: August – June. Closed for winter break, spring break, and major holidays.  School will likely follow the county’s public school calendar.
  • Attendance Requirement: Minimum of five hours per day (three hours for kindergarten age students). The hours of operation are yet to be determined.
  • Governance: Rules for day-to-day life at the school will be made by School Meeting, where each student and staff member has one vote. All students serve periodic terms on the Judicial Committee, which deals with rule violations.
  • Admissions: Applications for admission will be accepted year-round. After completing the admissions process, students could enroll any time during the school year, provided space is available.
  • Tuition: Our tuition will likely be among the lowest of private schools in the area. We will offer sibling discounts.
  • Parent Involvement: Parents, along with students and staff, comprise the Assembly which votes on major decisions such as annual budget, tuition policies, and candidates for graduation. Parents are welcome to volunteer their time and talents at the school through a formal volunteer program.

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