Is it like…?

Love this perspective on the Sudbury model from Romey Pittman, co-founder of the Fairhaven School in Maryland.  He compares Sudbury to other, more well known styles of education.


By Romey Pittman, parent, co-founder and former staff member of Fairhaven School.

After hearing a short explanation of our school’s philosophy, many people understandably try to link it with something already familiar to them. The most frequently mentioned “so-you’re-sort of-likes” are listed below. We have tried to be fair but clear in distinguishing ourselves from other philosophies. However, all the subtleties of these educational models are not laid out and comparisons are not made from every angle. We hope that the explanations below serve to clarify what the Sudbury model is and is not really about.

OK, So You’re Sort of Like —

— A Montessori School?
— A Waldorf School?
— A Progressive School?
— Homeschooling?
— Student Governments in Traditional Schools?

Click here to read the whole essay.

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