Sudbury Perspective: Boredom is healthy

Life for most modern-day kids is filled back-to-back activities. We book them from the moment they get up, starting with classes, then after-school activities, arranged play dates, homework, and so on. It is rare that kids are given a chance to just be bored. Boredom can be a good thing when it comes to development. (See links below.)…/7-ways-boredom-can-be-goo_n……/over-scheduling-kids-may-be-detri…/

Sudbury-style schools give children something that is rare: time freedom. Students are able to investigate, tinker, noodle and then…when the inspiration strikes, invest time in pursuits that energize them. Perhaps those pursuits last a few hours…a few days…or even years. And then, they might get bored. Boredom can be the thing that creates the transition from one activity to another and it can be a great motivator.


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